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November Anniversaries and Birthdays

Nov 20, 2017 by Tracy Kelley

Give Thanks for Those Comfort Keepers with anniversaries or birthdays in November. 

"Quality is much better than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles.”
-Steve Jobs

At Comfort Keepers, the goal for the senior care we provide is quality, and we know we have the best employees and caregivers working hard day in and day out to uphold that quality. We are thankful for all they do. Join us in letting our employees with work anniversaries in November know how thankful we are to have them at Comfort Keepers.

Comfort Keepers Celebrating a One-Year Anniversary 

Congratulate the following employees on their one-year anniversary: 

  • Leah Abar
  • Brenda Evans-Jones
  • Barbara Haffner
  • Candice Johnson
  • Diana Martinez
  • Stephanie Moore
  • Celestina Perk-Schwartz
  • Tony Seegoolam

Comfort Keepers Celebrating Two Years With Comfort Keepers

The following employees have two whole years with us: 

  • Lisa Brannon
  • Diane Larro

Employees Celebrating Four-Year Anniversaries

The following employees are a true asset to Comfort Keepers: 

  • Betty Pierce
  • Francisca Quinones-Carrion

Employees Celebrating Six-Year Anniversaries

These employees have shown impressive commitment: 

  • Tamara Brookins
  • Barbara Reames

Comfort Keepers Celebrating 10 Years With Comfort Keepers 

We’d like to say a huge congratulation and thank-you to Wanda Blalock, who will have been with Comfort Keepers for 10 years on the 20th of November! Your dedication continues to impress us, Wanda! Thank you for all of your hard work!

Employees With November Birthdays 

If you see them, make sure you wish the following Comfort Keepers a very happy birthday during the month of November: 

  • 2ndOdalys Valiente
  • 4th: Teresa Morales
  • 5th: Audrey Cotter
  • 5th: Rebecca Noel
  • 8thJanay Fuse
  • 8th: Louisa West
  • 10thMaritza Martinez
  • 13thPatricia Swart
  • 15thMelissa Mikel
  • 18thDorothy Huff
  • 22nd: Adriana Gaitan
  • 23rdPatricia Lamoreau
  • 26thLisa Rousey
  • 27thMarcelina Cruz
  • 28thBrittany Deleon

 At Comfort Keepers, our employees are truly our greatest asset, and they provide the quality that makes us the best. Thank you to all employees who show commitment and dedication at all times! For more information about our team at Comfort Keepers, click here, or call us at 863-292-6199.

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